Industrial & Commercial Efficiency Program

The Industrial & Commercial Efficiency Program provides the following energy efficiency services for City of Palo Alto Utilities customers:

  • Identification of energy-efficient system upgrade projects
  • Engineering and economic feasibility study of identified projects
  • Financial incentives for implementing system upgrades
  • Project design and implementation assistance to ensure long-term energy and cost savings
  • All services are 100% free of charge to program participants

Financial incentives are based on verified energy savings of installed upgrades.

Incentive Rates

  • $0.10/kWh for first year savings
  • $1.00/therm for first year savings

Program Participation Requirements

  • Be a non-residential (i.e. industrial or commercial) City of Palo Alto Utilities customer

Get Started!

For additional information make sure to read our Program Brochure. At your earliest convenience email Thomas Chan, Program Manager, to schedule a 100% free of charge energy efficiency scoping audit!