Services: Details, Big Picture, and Everything In Between

BASE engineers have extensive expertise in providing a broad array of energy efficiency services. Our capabilities encompass every phase of a project or program, from inception to completion and beyond. Our customized approach to every engagement means clients don’t get “off the shelf” solutions to their specific problems, but instead receive our insightful, unbiased perspectives and the more effective outcomes they yield. We approach every project with a strong commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our clients’ carbon footprint to the greatest extent possible. Click on the categories below to learn more about our services.

Assessments & Reviews

Whether facility-specific, plant-wide, or highly targeted, our assessments and reviews uncover energy inefficiencies in operating facilities, as well as in new-construction.

Planning & Implementation

When it comes to energy, the keys to substantial savings and meaningful conservation are solid planning and intelligent implementation. Our services in these areas are geared towards achieving these goals.

Specialized Studies & Research

Customized is our middle name, a fact that becomes ever more apparent when you realize the breadth and depth of our capabilities in this area. Nothing is too complex or challenging for our team.

Utility Programs

BASE manages energy efficiency programs on behalf of utilities. We work with you to save energy and receive financial incentives to do so, all at no cost to you.

City and State Benchmarking Ordinances

California’s Building Energy Benchmarking Program requires large commercial and multifamily buildings to complete an annual energy benchmarking. Some large cities in California are expanding on this program with local ordinances. If you’ve received a violation notice in the mail, we can help you meet and exceed city and state requirements.


We love to bring clients beyond the point of selling them fish and into the ROI-laden realm of learning to fish. In other words, the seasoned pros of BASE can transfer their experience to your facility and staff.