Planning and Implementation Services

> Strategic energy planning

Achieving significant financial savings and energy conservation requires broad and deep understanding in all aspects of energy efficiency: technical, financial, policy, codes and standards. BASE experts have helped numerous facilities understand, design, and implement a cost-effective long-term energy strategic plans with services that include:

  • Assessing the energy performance of all equipment and processes
  • Identifying and quantifying the energy use and cost impact on process and equipment due to expected changes in policy, compliance requirements, facility load, etc.
  • Identifying and quantifying all potential energy efficiency, load management, demand response, and self-generation projects
  • Evaluating life cycle cost of alternatives and assisting facilities with project selection and implementation scheduling
  • Developing request for proposals to implement selected projects
  • Commissioning installed projects to ensure projected savings are realized and maintained
  • Verifying energy and cost savings.

> Continuous energy improvement programs

Our engineers are US Department of Energy Certified Practitioners in Energy Management Systems and can help implement facility/corporate-wide energy management systems to:

  • Conform with ISO 50001
  • Set and achieve energy savings targets to help the customer earn US Department of Energy
  • Superior Energy Performance Certification
  • Develop a strategic energy plan
  • Help achieve continuous energy performance improvement based on ISO 50001

> Energy efficiency program development and management

BASE has developed, designed, and implemented several energy efficiency programs for utilities. All of our program managers are licensed professional engineers with years of experience in the energy-efficiency industry. The design and implementation of our programs include:

  • Developing and implementing the marketing plan
  • Identifying and evaluating energy efficiency projects for program customers
  • Providing technical support for project implementation
  • Verifying project implementation once systems are installed and commissioned
  • Developing all needed documentation to support energy savings claims
  • Processing customer incentives

Our program management team focuses on developing and implementing customized incentive programs.

Some of the clients we have performed this service for include: City of Palo Alto Utilities and Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Agriculture and Food Wastewater Energy Program.

> Energy measurement and verification

BASE has long-term experience in effectively designing and implementing energy measurement and verification (M&V) protocols. Utilizing engineering fundamentals and following established guidelines (ASHRAE, IPMVP, etc.) our engineers have successfully completed a wide variety of M&V projects. These include establishing the baseline energy consumption of various industrial and commercial systems, evaluating energy performance of new technologies, and post-installation energy savings verification. Some of our M&V projects include evaluation of:

  • Wine electrodialysis
  • Wine cold stabilization
  • High-efficiency hydraulic pumping control system
  • Mass transit propulsion and braking system
  • Plastic extruder and blow molding hydraulic drive systems
  • Mechanical vapor recompression for milk processing
  • Integration of utility revenue meter to a SCADA system for pumping efficiency optimization

Our reports can be found on the Emerging Technologies Coordination Council’s website.

> Retro-commissioning

Over the years, BASE has developed an extensive and deep understanding of energy consumption of various systems in industrial processes and buildings. Our engineers apply this knowledge in the field to fine-tune and optimize existing processes, controls and systems with respect to energy consumption. Our process includes:

  • Identification of process, operation and system deficiencies
  • Establishing baseline energy consumption through measurement and/or modeling, as well as development and implementation of measurement and verification protocols
  • Evaluating the engineering and economic merits of proposed changes
  • Documenting system and process changes
  • Providing training to operations personnel to sustain proposed energy savings

> Project management

BASE staff has the expertise to conceptualize a project and develop detailed schedules and resources to accomplish it. Our projects have ranged from pure consulting, such as performing energy assessments, to the development of experimental facilities for product development.

We have scheduled and managed projects under tight budget and time constraints, and directed subcontractors to successful project completions. We are adept at executing multiple projects simultaneously. For example, we once performed 25 detailed energy assessments while simultaneously evaluating 20 designs for a variety of industrial and commercial facilities.

> Utility work papers development

Our engineers are intimately familiar with Investor-Owned Utility (IOU) requirements to satisfy energy efficiency claims. This means we can develop baselines and energy efficiency calculation methodologies that utilities can then use to document and substantiate their energy savings claims to regulating authorities. With our extensive experience, BASE engineers have the capability to determine methodologies needed to develop work papers. All of our work paper development is based on engineering fundamentals.

We have developed work papers for PG&E and Southern California Edison. Examples of work papers include:

  • Demand control ventilation
  • Quality HVAC installation
  • Night covers for vertical and horizontal LT and MT display cases
  • Evaporator fan motors
  • Advanced control of walk-in coolers and freezers