Specialized Studies and Research Services


> Development of baseline for energy efficiency

Determining baselines for equipment or processes where no standards exist comes easy to BASE engineers, thanks to our cross-industry experience. Those we have developed for wastewater treatment facilities are used by utilities for issuing financial incentives to customers who implement energy-efficient practices. We’re also well-versed with codes and standards and in cases where these are not applicable for establishing baselines, we can develop, distribute and analyze surveys for establishing industry standard practices.

> Evaluation of advanced energy-efficient emerging technologies

A wide variety of emerging technologies, both industrial and commercial, turn to BASE to:

  • Develop testing protocols
  • Evaluate energy performance
  • Research, survey, and authenticate energy-efficient technologies

The following is a selection of technologies we have evaluated as energy efficient technologies in the past few years:

  • Wine electrodialysis
  • Mechanical vapor recompression
  • Energy-pumping optimization using real-time energy consumption data

> Specialized research & analytical services

BASE staff has a strong technical background, and extensive experience in performing applied research and development in energy-related projects. We regularly investigate applications of new products in industrial processes when performing energy assessments. In addition, we extensively utilize computer tools and make enhancements as needed to achieve project objectives. Some of BASE’s R&D projects include:

  • Simulation of flow fields in etching chambers using FLUENT™ flow simulation software for Gasonics International (San Jose, CA)
  • Development of modulating spray nozzles for gas turbine application for NASA
  • Analysis of flow field and heat transfer in gas turbine nozzles for PG&E (through MIS, Inc.)
  • Transient simulation of gas turbine systems for the U.S. Navy

BASE had been awarded three Phase I and two Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards.

> Evaluation of New Design for Zero Net Energy

Application of energy efficient technologies and renewable energy generating system enable a wide variety of buildings to approach or become zero net energy consumers. BASE has the experience of detailed design level evaluation of residential, commercial and retail complexes to become zero net energy.